DreamHill International School
Heffalumps Aquatics & Swimming Centre – Covered, Heated Pool on-premise

Heffalumps Swimming School offers swimming lessons at DHIS throughout the year. These sessions are not only for those who want to learn to swim but also for those students who want to become proficient and to participate in swimming competitions. Parents are welcome to enrol their children for either one to two lessons per week during our co-curricular time slots.

Youth Care Africa

Children today are continuously facing many challenges, both internally and externally. These challenges can be overwhelming for them and thus inhibits them from reaching their full potential. We have identified some of these challenges and have put together strategies and interventions to guide them in finding their identity, establishing what motivates them and to develop into dynamic and young adults who have a sense of purpose.

This will thus help them to perform better academically, and boost their self-confidence as well as their self-esteem, which will be for their benefit. “The Journey within for Teenagers” is a self-development workbook that will help them through their obstacles and give them an opportunity to express themselves openly without any reservations.