DreamHill International School

Choice of curriculum

  1. Our school’s curriculum is based on CAPS (South Africa) & International (London). The International curriculum includes the subjects Mathematics, Science, and English. CAPS curriculum includes all the other subjects. Fully comprehensive, endorsed student books, mapped to the CAPS & International syllabuses will be available for all the learners.
  2. This blend of International and CAPS is to address the big void prevalent in South African schools and enables all our learners to compete with the international standards and fraternity.
  3. CODE 4 KIDS COMPUTER TRAINING is incorporated in the weekly schedule at DHIS. Structured computer lessons through curriculum-related programs and activities provide innovative and creative learning experiences that are tailored to the student’s needs. Coding helps kids learn to understand problems, break them down and provide solutions. 
LearnersCAPSInternational Curriculum
Grade R-3Afrikaans, Life SkillEnglish, Mathematics, Science
Grade 4 – 7Social Sciences, Afrikaans, Life Skills, Creative Arts, Economics & Management Sciences, TechnologyEnglish, Mathematics, Science